Denny Zager's hand built guitars allow you to move faster and play longer with no pain.

Why are more players choosing Zager hand made guitars over Martin, Taylor, Fender and Gibson?

Easier Playability

Play faster and longer with less finger pain and soreness

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Save 50%

Buying direct from the builder bypassing the retail store markup

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Rated top 2% In USA

Zager guitars are rated in the top 2% of guitars in the USA

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100% Money Back Guarantee

So you can try a Zager free for 30 days

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The Zager Guitar Affiliate Program

Join Our Exclusive Affiliate Program and Share the Beauty of Precision Craftsmanship

Uniquely Easy Play Guitars

What sets Zager Guitars apart is our unwavering commitment to making guitar playing an effortless and delightful experience. Our revolutionary Easy Play system redefines guitar learning, allowing you to play by ear, just like the pros. With our handcrafted guitars and expertly designed features, creating beautiful music becomes second nature.

Why Partner with Zager Guitars?

Consistent Commission: Earn a substantial 10% commission on every sale, ensuring your efforts are generously rewarded.

Top Performer Rewards: As you ascend to the ranks of our top-performing affiliates, enjoy free Zager Guitars as tokens of our deep appreciation.

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Here to Support You 24/7

We understand that success often comes with questions and needs. That’s why we offer unwavering support 24/7, ensuring you have the resources and assistance you need whenever you need them.

Rewards of Craftsmanship

We take immense pride in showcasing our craftsmanship to our partners up close and personal. As a Zager Guitars affiliate, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to receive Zager Guitars for review, enriching your ability to authentically promote our products while sharing the love of music effortlessly.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Now that you’ve discovered the beauty of Zager Guitars and the incredible opportunities that await, it’s time to meet Ryan, our dedicated Partnership Manager. Whether you have questions, innovative partnership ideas, or simply want to explore how we can collaborate, Ryan is here to assist you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Started?

Simply sign up for our affiliate program, and you can begin immediately, Ryan will also reach out to you.

How much can I earn?

Your earning potential is limitless. The more customers you refer, the more you earn.

How is the commission calculated?

You’ll receive a 10% commission on each sale generated through your affiliate link.

When will I receive payments?

You’ll receive timely commission payment every month, through ShareASale and/or Refersion

What if two affiliates refer the same customer?

Our tracking system ensures fairness, and commissions are attributed to the first referring affiliate.