Since 1969 Zager Guitars has been the only guitar company in the world with a true 100% money back guarantee that even pays all shipping fees both ways, but we do have 2 simple rules that allow us to continue this generous policy.

  • All returns must be made within 30 days of delivery.  Most shops have 3 day policies.  We extend this 10 fold and pay for everything including all domestic shipping fees both ways which no other guitar company in the world offers.
  • Guitars must be in brand new condition the way it was delivered to you with original strings and no signs of use, damage, finish impurities or custom work (pick guards, custom hardware, strap pegs, etc)

We have so few returns (under 1%) that when it happens Mr. Zager likes to know exactly what the problem is and handles all returns personally.  If all criteria is in order to initiate a return contact [email protected] and provide your name, guitar model and your phone number along with a good time to call and you will be contacted by Mr. Zager personally.